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A retro styled tactical game where you have to think and move fast. You are in control of four units that must navigate in a small grid-based map to take down the other player's units. Games are played in real time with a duration of 3 minutes.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS game. We are planning on adding features based on feedback. For now the game has the following features:

  • Real time multiplayer: play against other human players in a 3 minutes 1v1 match.

  • 3 playable units (knight, archer, assassin).

  • The dungeon map

  • Dynamic shadows / field of view. Use cover and visibility as part of your strategy.

Features that are currently on our backlog are:

  • Match replays.

  • Wizard and Priest units.

  • In app purchases.

  • A lot of maps! We are still figuring out if we want a random map generator or a fixed set of maps.

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