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A bit of changin'

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hello everyone!

In the past days we have been devoting most of our efforts to fine-tuning details, the tests have given us interesting data regarding the special items used in the game and how to acquire them. An important part of game design is that the player knows what the items are for, how to get them and when they are useful, at least from the developed point of view. Of course, there are those players who get creative and find ways to break the game with these items no matter what you do. We realized that many of the players didn't even know that they could buy bombs or traps, or that the crossbow could be upgraded. In addition to the fact that there are specific situations in which these items are especially helpful (akin to 'cheating') identifying those workarounds for difficult moments in the game would greatly reduce the overall challenge of the game. So... we have decided to make some item changes to improve the gaming experience. We are going to focus on what can be improved from the crossbow and what can the archer take, placing them as "attributes". These are some of the items we have in mind: Boots - Reduce the amount of stamina spent when performing a dodge. Gloves - Reduce the amount of stamina spent when shooting. Cloak - Slows down the time each time the archer makes a successful dodge. Belt - Increases the archer's recovery speed.

And for the crossbow we've change the points system. Now instead of a bar there are stars, making it easier to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Also, we've added more crossbows to give the player more options.

This will further enrich the gaming experience.

And again if you want to participate in the testing, do not hesitate to contact us, you can do it from our contact page or by sending an email to "" saying that you would like to participate in the tests. Greetings, stay home and take care!


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