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About our next project

Hello everyone!

We know these have been difficult times... but luckily we have video games! Through them we can travel to other realities for a while and enjoy fantasy worlds, other stories and more. We want to keep contributing to that, so have been working on the next project.

But, what is it about? There are still many things to define, such as what artistic style are we going to use, will it be multiplayer or singleplayer? Will it have a story? Many more questions are yet to be answered to create a complete and fun experience. We have focused on the main mechanics because we know that without them, no matter how beautiful the graphics are or how amazing the audio is, it would not be enjoyable without good gameplay and that's all that matters (or at least a large part of).

That being said, we have our core gameplay mechanics already prototyped and tested. There is still more feedback data to define if the game is fun or not, but so far the response has been excellent.

About baking multiplayer onto de mix ... (SPOILERS) we are very inclined to do so! Part of the studio's big plans is to do projects with a multiplayer feature. We want to start with at least a lightweight multiplayer experience for our next game.

So stay tuned to find out more about this project, we certainly hope you enjoy it because we are gamers creating games for gamers.


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