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Boss Design

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

It's important that each boss feels unique, fun and challenging (but not THAT hardcore challenging! At least for this game). We also want our bosses to enrich the story and be related with our hero and his motive. For the first boss, the "Orc Master" we focus on the dodge mechanics. "Dodge and Attack" was the base, and not just that, he can summon a new wave of enemies each time he receives a certain amount of damage.

Characters design is still in development, so expect to see some changes on them, specially on the bosses. We also add a new projectile called "ball of energy", that will be shooted by ghost-like enemies. The idea is to add more types of projectiles to different enemies. The ball of energy was specially for the second boss "The ghost". We want him to shoot something more appropriate for his appearance.

"The ghost" has the ability to multiply, make clones of himself and float around. There will be "something" that differentiates the original one from the clones of course, so our hero can have a fair fight against him. There are still some details to polish on this one!

The third boss is "The Shape Shifter". As his name implies it has the ability to change shape and -like the "Orc master"- can summon waves of enemies that will drop all kinds of arrows. We wanted to use the "change arrows" mechanic in this boss. According to his shape you will have to choose with which arrow to shoot.

So far these are the enemies we've been working on. Just one boss is left for the last world and, as I said, there are still changes to make from your valuable feedback!

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See you later!


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