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Delayed tutorials... but got team customization!

Updated: May 29, 2018

As I predicted in the last post, going for the "right" approach on the tutorials resulted in a mayor PITA. Because of how the game works it doesn't matter if you're playing a local or remote game, you need to have a simulation of the game that receives inputs and returns the resulting delta snapshots for the game. Since our back-end is coded in Golang and front-end (mobile app) is done in C# I can't share the simulation code. I'm forced to "port" the code to c# and have the same thing in different languages (sight). Between that, a refactor on how game maps where rendered, positioned and constructed and decoupling the game logic from the render logic for maps and units... I "lost" one week of feature advancement.

We also have a scheduled "focus group" session next weekend and one of the things that we want to figure out is if it's best for players to customize which units they use when playing or if we allow repeated units on the playing team, etc...

As of now we just have 3 units on the roster... but with this update you can choose which units are playing; you can even use 4 units of the same kind. This opens up the possibilities a lot but it's also a lot harder to balance. To be honest, I'm skeptical about this approach... my experience playing video games and pen and paper role playing games hints me that it's going to be very difficult to find a balance out of that mess. Even if it means more monetization opportunities it's going to hurt the game on the long run because NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY A BROKEN GAME. But I might be wrong... maybe we can balance it out and end up with a more rich and complex game and that's why it's worth the try :)

Anyway, once this is settled we'll see how testing goes. We will report back on our findings.

Happy Week Folks!


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