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February Update!

Hello! Seems like I have no remedy; I can't make myself write in a consistent time frame. Or maybe I'm a little bit embarrassed about my progress? Truth be told, most of December and January I worked on the rollback system. Like I said in the previous posts I had to do a huge refactor to support this but I think I finally nailed it. I also invested some time to explore some viable alternatives to having two versions of the same simulator (one written in Go and other in C#). One of them was to use a transpiler from C# to Go or vice-versa for the simulator code. Another one was to use a scripting language (Lua, for example) to have just one version of the simulator running in both places (client and server). But I did neither. I don't know how the most obvious choice slipped my mind; to write the simulator JUST in C#. Seems like things have changed in terms of cross platform support for C# and right now it's a perfect viable choice for doing back-end stuff in Linux. Right now I'm isolating the C# code and once it's totally decoupled from Unity I will be able to run an instance of the simulator as a standalone process. Server will still run in Go, but it will spawn "game rooms" on demand that are running the simulator in c#. Since I already did all the plumbing for TCP communications I can just leverage on that and make a direct communication channel between client-server and the game room. I'm also investing most of my February productive to teach/train and ramp-up some 'Padawans' that will help me speed up the development in the following months. It's a huge time investment but I'm betting it will pay off in the long run.

Finally, our music composer is working on the music for the battle and the menu selection. So yeah, things ARE moving! I can't wait to start coding game specific logic (again) to write more often. When we reach that point my blog posts will be less technical and more about the game itself.

Looking forward to that. Take care and work hard!


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