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It's all about personality

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hello everyone!

These past weeks we've been working on the enemies personalities. We want each enemy to have its essence, to be more than a few walking sprites. We want the player say something like "oh no! the ghost is coming!" and not only that, part of what we are looking for is that the game is "masterizable", in other words, the more you play it, the easier it will be for you, because you will already know what type of arrow to use for each enemy or how will such an enemy behave, etc.

So let's talk a little about the enemies ...

The Orc, The Goblin and The Moose

These are the common enemies -weak to the normal arrows- but don't get carried away by appearances, however weak they may seem they can cause you a lot of conflict. So be prepared for a lot of these enemies.

There are attributes that are shared between enemies and there are others that are unique to each enemy. Among those that are shared is the speed and the probability of taking cover. However, the moose is the first enemy that will shoot you arrows.

The Mass

Another basic enemy that can also be conflicting if it is not destroyed quickly. This enemy is characterized by being slow but being vulnerable to fire arrows. It is the first enemy you will face that needs to be killed with a different arrow.

The Skulls, The Zombie and the Mummy

These enemies live in the cemetery (most of the time).

The mummy and zombies are distinguished by being slow, going out of the ground and attacking in large groups, so watch out for the ground that moves.

With the skulls you must be more careful. Since they endure more, after the first blow they can recover and continue attacking.

The Minotaur and The Kamikaze

Characterized by living in the mountains, the minotaur has the ability to surround the enemy and throw axes, but unlike the skull archer, his axes can fly over rocks and other objects that are on the ground, being able to attack while covered.

On the other hand, the kamikaze is the enemy without fear. It will run towards you with great speed until it crashes with you, so watch out! Shoot immediately when you see it.

The Knight and The Vampire

Pay attention of the knight's shield, it will tell you what kind of arrow you need to use to attack him. You need a special arrow to bring the shield down and once his shield is down, he will run towards you to attack you with his sword.

Finally, we have the vampire. It's the fastest enemy you'll find in the game. He can transform itself into an animal to make you dizzy with its speed and then transform back to attack you, watch for it!

So now you know... to get to the end and rescue "Alfador", you must learn the special abilities of each enemies to anticipate their attacks, so be ready!


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