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Remuneration Vs Experience

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

It's been a while since our last post and a lot has happened with Shooty Quest.

We want to thank all our players who have played our game, we are humbled by such a positive review score! At the time of this writing we have over 4.5 on both stores :D.

This is our first published game and there are a lot of takeaways and learnings from this experience. One of them is that "good games" are not always the ones that make a lot of money. What we can share with you is that we have still much to learn on how to make a game that is fun and fair to play while at the same time being profitable in the mobile market. We want to make sure our next game feels like a good exchange of value between you and us and that your hard earned money feels well spend in our games. A fair exchange of value where we keep you delighted and we have keep doing what we love (: Building a game company takes time, and it's hard to make the first game a great hit. We need to be persistent, work hard and level up our craft. This is the way.

Remuneration Vs Experience

Many of the positive comments have been because Shooty Quest is a game in which you don't need to spend a dollar or see any ads to finish it, you can do it only with your own skills (hard earned skills I must say). This is reinforced every time you play, reaching the point where you already feel like a master for having been able to identify the enemy, select the right arrow, dodge a projectile, attack and also take a sip of your soda!

We will be working hard in our next game. We have many ideas on what we can do differently now and how to target a wider audience while at the same time keeping what you all loved about Shooty Quest. A non intrusive, honest game. We want to delight you with our game experiences and that you feel great when you invest in the contents on the game.

Stay tuned!


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