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small changes, BIG DIFFERENCE

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

It's been a while since we started the beta phase and it has given us quite a bit of feedback. We've been modifying many things, the gameplay, the art, the UI, etc...

Everything, of course, to improve the gaming experience. There have been some problems with the dodge and push system, so we focused primarily on those. We modified the system and we have been playing with the parameters in code ​​in order to find the exact point where the archer feels natural. If the player wants to shoot, dodge, pick an arrow, or push an enemy, the archer should o exactly what the player expects it to do.

That's one small change that we think will improve the experience dramatically! Another change, which is more visual, is the addition of shadows to the levels and characters as shown in the GIF. It brings much more life to the levels and helps the immersion. There are still some details to fix with the shadows, but certainly a welcome boost to the game's presentation.

We also added stats at the end of each level so you can see how many potions there were and how many you grabbed, how many ravens there were and how many you scored, how many times you died in that level, and how many times you successfully dodged.

Very soon we will upload an update to the beta version with these changes. If you are not already in, you can join our Facebook or Discord group.


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