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Tuning.. testing.. and tuning again

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Hello everyone!

As the title says, we have been doing some adjusting to the game. Doing this takes time but we will be able to offer a better experience for the player: from level balance, time it takes for the enemies to react, the crossbow prices, amount of enemies on the screen and a long etc...

Among the adjustments are the bosses, mainly from the final and third level. For the third boss, a feedback aspect was added that helps the player realize what he should do. As we mentioned before, the third boss changes shape and must be attacked by the correct arrow.

We are still tuning some details to make the game feel better and specially fun to play!

Additionally, we have not only been refining aspects of the enemies or the player, we have also added a couple more things.

We don't have the art for the ending, but we have the mechanics for it. When the final boss is defeated, an ending will be shown, in addition to the credits sequence.

And that's all for now, we hope that for the next post we are already giving the final touches; hopefully entering the beta stage. If you are interested in participating send us a message or leave a comment!


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