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We've finally decided

We've done a lot of work on our current multiplayer project... that's right! We've decided to implement multiplayer in out next game! Yeii!

We've seen a lot of potential in the multiplayer mode of the main game and we wanted to explore it. There are a lot of challenges on the implementation, a lot of information that we need to research and things that we need to test to provide a solid experience, that's why we were not sure whether to implement it or not, but ultimately a lot of things helped us make the final decision. Among these things was the challenge of implementing it (we love a good challenge), lots of project ideas that have a multiplayer mode, and of course our love and the love that we know many of you have for multiplayer games.

Having said that, there has been a lot of work in this area in the last few months, and it has been quite a challenge... we have sweated, we have been angry, sometimes we have cried :'(, but finally we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel...

The tests have given us very optimistic information, and have helped us answer a very important question, will our program be robust enough to handle a large number of players connected at the same time? to balance pvp games, chats and many other possible ideas that we want to implement?

One of the biggest problems in multiplayer game development is not taking into account the scope of the game in the prototype, there are many variables that can break the game. We may have programmed it to support 100 clients connected at the same time and it turns out that at launch 1,000,000 clients were connected! Turns out no one was able to connect, everyone had a bad experience, the store was full of bad reviews and now no one wants to play it :c. That's why it's important to take into account each possible scenario, no matter how crazy it may seem.

But let's think positive, of course we are striving to offer a great multiplayer experience! and we have to start with a project, so we chose this one!

There are still many things to define about what the player is going to socially do, will there be a chat? Will you be able to play with another player at the same time? Will you be able to play with more than one player at the same time? Will you be able to share something? Will there be groups? etc...

Some of these questions are already answered, but some still need some thought.

For now we can tell you that there will be player versus player battles in real time! and they are FUN! If you're a competitive player, you'll love them (said by a player who enjoys competition :)).

In the next post, we'll talk a bit more about multiplayer and, if we can, some of the social features we're working on right now.

Stay tuned, stay safe and see you in the next post! :)

Image credit: Image by catalyststuff on Freepik

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